I’m not really one for gifts.  But my boyfriend is, which is unfortunate for me? Him?  The upside is that I get to enjoy all the little gifts he sends me in the mail.  But then I have to endure the guilt of receiving these packages without giving anything back.  Plus, I have to listen to him complain about how I never send him anything.  So, finally, I decided that I would mail a package of some home baked cookies chock-full of sugary loving to quiet his whining.  I decided on Chocolate Crinkles, since I’ve been meaning to use up some cocoa powder that I had on hand. 

I’m also not really one for surprises or secrets.  Unable to contain my excitement (that I should soon be absolved from accusations of “cold hearted-ness”), I promptly announced that I was baking cookies for him and that he should expect something in the mail in a few days.  I would’ve told him what kind of cookies they were too, except I thought maybe some mystery is good in a relationship. 

This whole situation is his fault, of course.  He insisted that he would celebrate monthly anniversaries until we reach a year.  I don’t remember my response.  But I imagine it was something like a pat on the head to acknowledge his sincerity.  “That’s very nice,” I said, while I secretly thought that monthly anniversaries are for fools.  They still are.  Who celebrates a relationship at 1 month? 4 months? 7 months?  Only the commitment-challenged fools who must encourage their progress with cliche techniques, such as gifts to reassure their love for one another.  Or if you’re my boyfriend, just someone who’s really cheesy.

However, I do admit that I did enjoy his little presents.  One big box stuffed with a month’s worth of chocolate (which I finished in a week).  A book that I’ve been dying to read.  A purple hat.  Warm doggie slippers.  A pixar sweater.  It was nice to come home from work and find something in the mailbox waiting for me.  So it’s only appropriate that I should show my appreciation.  

I’m a terrible gift giver.  I need to plan birthdays or holidays a year ahead so I can observe the person of interest long enough to determine his needs.  Which usually ends up being a gift card anyway.  This time, I thought I would put some effort into it.  Never mind that he doesn’t like sweets.  Or chocolate.  I like baking.  And he will like my cookies. 

I used a generic chocolate crinkles recipe from Allrecipes.com.  And for some of these cookies, I used shredded coconut as a topping instead of powdered sugar.  I thought they’d be prettier, but the coconut kind of browned a bit, but they tasted better than the other ones.  Next time, I will use larger shreds. 

Overall, I was unimpressed with these cookies.  I wonder if it’s a fault of my skill or the recipe itself?  They tasted like glorified brownies in cookie form.  At least they looked alright.  So I faithfully packed them into tupperware, sealed it with tape, and prepared to bring it to the post office the next day. 

Except I didn’t.  Because I woke up late and had to rush to work.  Or the day after that.  It was raining and I don’t like holding too many things.  And the day after that—I woke up late.  It’s two weeks later, and they’re still sitting on my desk as an eyesore and reminder of my coldheartedness.  “Well, he doesn’t like sweets anyway,” is what I say to console myself.  Besides, it was only a 9 month anniversary.  The one year is what counts.  I’ll think of something then. 

In the meantime, please don’t stop sending me gifts, please.