Last week my boyfriend came to visit me from California for his spring break.  Usually, I complain how we never go out and do anything, but since I see him so infrequently, I really did relish just spending time together doing nothing—it’s a luxury that people take for granted.  Besides, I am being unfair; our couch potato-ness is not solely his fault.  I don’t like planning dates, he doesn’t have his car, I work from 9 to 7, we’re both strapped for cash, so it’s inevitable that our activities may seem lackluster—or, I prefer, “domestic”—to most people.  This means that a lot of what we do centers around cooking food, watching movies, and playing Banana Grams (which is something like speed Scrabble).  And plenty of walks. 

Enjoying the last bit of sunset next to the Charles River. 

From the footbridge near my apartment. 

Same view, between the stone legs of the bridge. 

Yes, that is how he usually looks.

Under the blossoms in Boston Commons on a miserable, rainy day. 

Walking by the pretty townhouses on Beacon Hill. 

And to our credit, we also visited the aquarium and dined at North End. 

Normally, I don’t pay much attention to what I cook when I’m not cooking for anyone.  My taste buds are mostly inured to the plates of bland, tasteless mush that I am capable of slapping together (that’s the sort of useful skill you get from college).  But when my boyfriend is here, we cook awesome food.  

This was my first time trying to make a burger.  We bought some ground beef, squished it together to make patties, seasoned them with coriander and garlic powder, threw them on a skillet, and voila, we have burgers!  And to spice it up, we added spinach, sauteed mushrooms, provolone, and tomatoes.  For the side, we baked sweet potato fries seasoned with chili powder and garlic.  It was delicious!

I’ve been excited to try out my new tart pan, and I know you can’t go wrong with lemon baked goods.  I really doubt anyone can screw up this recipe.  I used an 8” pan instead of 11” that was called for, so I halved the ingredients.  And I did not beat the heavy cream into “soft peaks,” because apparently, I did not know what “soft peaks” look like.  It still came out beautiful. 

And boy was it tart!  It really packs a strong sour kick.  The crust was tasty even though I didn’t do a good job patting the dough onto the sides.  But it held together pretty well and didn’t mix with the lemon filling. 

I wish we took more pictures of the tart, but it was gone too soon.  Can’t wait to try more tart recipes!