I love God.

Not the god you see in newspapers.  The one who makes soldiers out of adherents and victims out of non-believers.  Not the god who condemns homosexuals, and encourages zealots to stand in the streets preaching brimstone and fire.  Who is this god who breeds prejudice and hatred, exclusivity and intolerance?  What god is he, who scorns the sanctity and dignity of life?  How dare he mistreat and blind us with lies and illusions of righteousness, turning our suffering and rancor into the weapons with which we destroy each other.  This is a god who rejects you for your failures, mistakes, inadequacies, and imperfections.  No, he is not my god.

But the God I know is the one who is relentless in his love.  He is the one who does not give up even when I have given up on myself.  I know Him, who in the darkest hours of the night, quietly weeps with me.  He, who has seen me at my weakest, lost in pride and wrapped in selfishness, and yet, calls me his own.  My God, who reaches out to me even when I bat his hand away.  He is the God who rejoices when I rejoice, mourns when I mourn, and suffers when I suffer.  For him, I walk in humility in light of what he has done for me, and it is for him that I live with confidence because of what I am to him.  He is the one who lights in me an appetite for life and compassion for people.  He is an emotion, a voice, an idea, a weight, and a spirit. 

He is a God who loves. 


I’m usually not great with cookies but this recipe was so simple to throw together.  The marmalade makes the cookies very soft and cake-like; and they keep this texture to the next day.  The reason the frosting is so runny is because I ran out of powdered sugar.  I tried adding more corn starch to make it stiffer, but that didn’t really work out.  I love how the orange juice stands out so strongly.  Next time, I’ll use this to frost cupcakes.   


Orange Marmalade Cookies from White on Rice

I halved the recipe to get about 20 cookies.  I also added 1/4 teaspoon of cardamon because I thought it might work well with the orange flavor.  Without it, the cookie would be a more subtle taste and would require the frosting to be more flavorful.  But with the spice, the cookies are just as enjoyable alone.