It has not been easy the past two weeks. Momentum on my lab project has slowed and amid this dry scientific spell, I lost one of my most treasured possessions. Goodbye James Dean, my black, rugged macbook of three years. Last Friday, my apartment was broken into and my beloved laptop was taken from its cozy place on my desk. You know, I think I took the news quite well. I wasn’t really upset about losing my macbook until I also realized that they took my purple “life is good” computer sleeve.  And that pissed me off. The idea that the thief grabbed MY macbook and then reached over to use MY sleeve is so incredibly violating and offensive. I mean, if sleeves are a reflection of the owner’s personality, then they just stole my style.

Thank goodness that I had at least a version of my personal statement and resume on google docs. To think that I wouldn’t even have that copy either if it weren’t for the fact that I was trying to work on my applications from work. But besides from that, I’ve lost all my pictures, college notes, honors thesis and just other sentimental crap. If you haven’t done so already, invest in a good harddrive or use dropbox. Don’t wait to learn the lesson the hard way. Especially if you’re a college student. I can’t even begin to imagine how traumatizing it’d be to lose my laptop in the middle of finals.

Unfortunately, security in my first floor apartment is still incredibly shoddy. Half the window locks are broken (and apparently, we haven’t even been closing them properly), the backdoor is so flimsy that even I can kick it in, and the repaired front doors are a joke. And our landlord is too stingy to spend the money on these changes. Hopefully, he’ll change his mind soon. In the meantime, I am not leaving valuables in my room anymore, and I am in search for a metal baseball bat to place besides my bed.

If you’re planning on buying a new laptop, consider investing in lo-jack. It’s a tracking device that gets activated when you call the company to let them know your laptop has been stolen. According to the Apple store people, the software is 94% effective and the company gives a $1000 guarantee if they can’t retrieve your stolen macbook.  Also, hide your laptop somewhere obscure if you leave it in your room. And more importantly, password protect your computer and do NOT provide a guest account.

Last week, I also bought a bunch of fresh cranberries and decided to make cranberry and chocolate chip pumpkin bread for breakfast. And some relish to go with plain yogurt. I was going to make more fall-related sweets but this whole incident has put a damper in my baking spirit. Although, I have been mulling over this question for the past few days: what should I name my next laptop?  Really, I don’t think anything could beat “James Dean.” If you can think of something classy and manly, let me know!