Reasons for moving:

1) Despite the well-designed template options available on Tumblr, I really just want a simple, clean theme that doesn’t distract from text and pictures.  The endless possibilities on Tumblr actually make me really stressed out.

2) The user interface on WordPress is more “like-able” to me.

3) I find it easier to apply tags and place posts in categories.  But that might just be because I finally discovered what Tags actually are on WordPress.

4) I prefer the photo upload tools over Tumblr.  The only drawback is the 3 GB upload space limit, but I got around that by linking everything through flickr.

5) I may not be able to play with the CSS on WordPress, but I figured that might be a good thing if I just want to keep things simple.  If I ever want to build a blog from scratch, I’d still use the software.

6) I like widgets.

Still, whatever my current predilections, I’m sure Tumblr will lure me back someday.

By the way, thank you Juan Santos for my designing my new header.