This is my official First Summer Weekend.  It was doubtful at first.  After driving 20 minutes to get to a park in Arlington, I stepped out of the car into pouring rain.  Although the rain didn’t deter the rest of my company from playing ultimate frisbee, I couldn’t make myself run around the muddy field with sandals on.  Fortunately, as per Boston weather, the sun broke through the overcast sky and turned the rest of the afternoon into appropriate balmy New England summer.

And to celebrate, we grilled dinner outside in the backyard with chicken, eggplant, and bell pepper skewers. Buttered corn cobs. Beans and sausage. And mushrooms stuffed with sauteed spinach and melted pepper jack cheese.  Reclining on lawn chairs, we feasted on our food in the soft light of dusk only to be feasted on ourselves by our malicious mosquito friends.  Couldn’t have summer without them.  I have a feeling we’ll be grilling a lot in the next two months.

Better weather also means more photowalks. I finally dragged myself out to Beacon Hill to make good use of my camera.  Recently, I’ve been taking a basic photography course hoping that it’d help me develop a better eye for taking photos.  I realized that after you learn the functions for aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, there’s really nothing else you can learn in class.  I certainly feel more comfortable using Manual, but it still takes me about 20 pictures before I snap one that’s just right.  But the best thing about owning a camera isn’t about taking nice pictures; it’s that you begin to see a picture everywhere around you.  It doesn’t necessarily mean the picture you envision would make a good shot; but you begin to appreciate the life in the details around you.

Here are some pictures from my walk (

Beacon Hill Street

IMG_2918 copy copy

Windows and Climbing Branches

IMG_2947 copy copy