One of the things I’ve wanted to do before I leave Boston was to hit as many burger joints as I can.  Why burgers?  I don’t know.  It’s just one of those staple foods that you always end up ordering at a pub with your coworkers.  Solid, inexpensive; hard to mess up but difficult to make impressive.  A burger is also one of those things that will make you feel disgusting after ingestion no matter how heavenly it may taste at the moment.

This Saturday, Juan and I went to Davis Square to check out Boston Burger Company.  There’s always a huge line at the door so we were prepared to wait at least 45 minutes before we could get a table.  But service is so quick that we were seated only after 15 minutes; even so, the meal would have been worth the long wait.  They have some funky burgers on the menu with some catching ones, like The King, which has peanut butter, bacon, and fried banana.  Definitely for a more adventurous day.  Juan ended up choosing the Hot Mess because of the Rachel Ray recommendation, and I went for the Green Monstah.

Waiting for food to come.

I’ve had “outstanding” burgers before, but this was probably the best one I had in Boston.  No joke.  Better than Bartley’s (totally overrated) and R.F. O’Sullivan’s.  Fresh guacamole and diced tomatoes were piled high on my actually medium-rare patty.  A three quarters inch slab of meat heaven that was juicy without being soggy (at least it disappeared too fast for it to get soggy).  The creamy guacamole really paired well with the beef to make both flavors stand out.

The only thing that really missed the ball were the Lemon Pepper Fries.  I ordered them thinking that they would blow my mind.  I imagined crunchy, deep fried potatoes encrusted with lemon zest and showered with ground pepper.  But what we got were soft, wet fries with a really odd sour flavor that I find hard to describe and even more difficult to eat.  But according to yelp reviews, their fries are one of their best features, so maybe we just ordered the wrong flavor.  Whatever the case, definitely not getting the fries next time.

The old 90’s hiphop music was also a plus.  We enjoyed munching on our burgers to the tune of: “I like big butts and I cannot lie…”

Overall, I can’t wait to come back for future burger cravings.