Yesterday, my classmates and I went trekking through the woods on Mt. Tamalpais in Marin County.  After a tedious take home exam last weekend, it was refreshing to get out of the city.  There was clear skies, crisp air, and nature to be had.  After a few detours, we finally found the trail head near Alpine Lake and began our epic 7 mile hike.  I don’t know if we intended to do the entire 7 miles, maybe four, but somehow got roped into completing the entire loop by our youthful enthusiasm.  Only when my thighs started burning did I start to think that we were just a tad bit over ambitious, and by that time, it was too late to turn back.

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IMG_5495 copy2

There were “waterfalls” on the first leg of the journey.  Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures of them.  No tripod and not enough light under the trees.  Slightly underwhelming since I expected more rushing water, but that might have to do with our relatively dry winter this year.  Still, it was nice to see a babbling brook, moss covered rocks, and fallen trees.  We scrambled over lumpy tree roots and steep steps, and found a small clearing to enjoy our lunch.

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Once we reached the top, we were greeted with spectacular views and wonderful sunshine.  The hillside was covered with dry, pale yellow grass with patches of faded green that hinted of past lushness.  We looked out over the wide landscape of rolling hills studded with dark evergreen trees and felt the wind pushing and flattening the growth around our feet.

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The troopers.

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We continued on the High Marsh Trail which took us through more heavily wooded areas and gnarly bushes.  If we had started the trail two hours earlier, we probably could have enjoyed the scenery more.  But since we only had two hours before dusk, we were on a brisk pace with no time to spare for the camera.  Much of it was spent looking at the ground, trying not to slip and fall off the edge of the narrow path.  Occasionally, we were passed by trail joggers who made us feel bad for complaining about the steep inclines and tricky footing.

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Finally, after four hours of exhausting muscle work we finally made it back to our car.  Bed and shower has never felt this good.  Oh beautiful California wilderness, until next time.