A few weekends ago, my friends and I piled into the car and drove across the Golden Gate Bridge to enjoy some sunshine and oysters. Sunshine, we did not get. But we definitely got our fill of squishy mollusks at Tomales Bay Oyster Company. It was the first time that any of us had attempted to shuck our own seafood. Armed with two pairs of gloves and two shucking knives, we turned to face a bag of fifty tight-lipped fresh oysters that needed to be opened, grilled, and consumed within the hour. I dug my knife into one but only managed to chip the shell after some fierce twisting. Fortunately, we learned that oysters laid on a hot grill will automatically pop open once they’ve cooked. Thank God, because there was no way we were going to open 50 raw oysters by ourselves and still have all our fingers intact.

IMG_6855 copy

IMG_6859 copy

Mm, so large and salty! I ate mine with some lime juice and a touch of tabasco, but maybe we’ll bring some custom sauces next time.

IMG_6861 copy

I never cracked mine open, so I don’t have my own “victory pose.” At least somebody did.

IMG_6863 copy

Like a pro.

IMG_6839 copy

We went for a short hike and watched the coastline slowly appear as the fog rolled down the slopes.

IMG_6847 copy

IMG_6851 copy

Hey! That’s a funny-looking eucalyptus.

IMG_6834 copy