Don’t be fooled by these Rainier cherries. They may look plump and juicy, but they are disappointingly bland. A few weekends ago, I went to Brentwood to pick fruit. I saw these bright red orange bunches hanging between the leaves, and my thoughts immediately turned to cherry pies, cherry galettes, cherry cupcakes. But my excitement was for naught. Somebody told us that this year’s cherries are particularly lackluster. I wonder if this is true everywhere else. Perhaps better luck next year?


At least the blackberries were delicious. I didn’t even mind the prickly thorns. We gorged ourselves among the vines, picking until our fingers were stained purple.


Do you like your peaches barely ripe, crispy, with a good crunch? Or soft and bruise-able, with its juices spilling into your hands at the first bite? There were white peaches at the fruit-picking farms as well. Unfortunately, the one good peach that I bit into also had a large insect surprise inside.

Speaking of peaches, I made this white peach galette a week before going to Brentwood with insect-free fruit. White peaches tastes more delicate and sweet than yellow peaches, but the latter seems better suited for pastries. In any case, I won’t be eating anymore peaches for awhile.

IMG_7948 copy