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A couple of weekends ago, Juan and I took a day trip to Newport, Rhode Island for wine tasting.  Did you know ice wine is made from frozen grapes picked during the winter when the sugar is most concentrated in the fruit?

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These grapes won’t be ready for picking until much later in the fall when they will be fat, plump, and hanging low on the vines.  Vines can be productive for up to 70 years.  We also saw the cisterns and bottling machines where they prepare and package the wines; one bottling machine costs about a small villa in Italy.  I think I’d take the villa.  Apparently, the type of wooden barrel used to age the wine contributes to the flavor; however, my untrained tongue would have no idea how to discern the difference.  Someday, I will take a wine class.

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Juan eating a lobster fritter at one of the restaurants near the wharf in downtown Newport.  It was spicy.

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Originally, we had wanted to get some Quahogs (large stuffed clams), which I’ve only heard of in New England, but I could be mistaken.  Unfortunately, the restaurant ran out of Quahogs and we were too tired to get up and find another place.  However, we did enjoy a big plate of mussels.  Here’s the leftovers.

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After lunch, we went to take a walk on Easton Beach.  I loved wading in the water and feeling the power of the waves rush through your legs.

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Juan looking “cool.”

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Next time I will bring my swimsuit.

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After the beach, we went on the Cliff Walk and looked at the big mansions next to the spectacular ocean view.  We climbed down a set of stone stairs and walked on the rocks of the cliff edge.  On some of the rocks, we noticed swarms of jumping flies that would reappear after each wave washed over the rock.  I’m definitely not a bug person, so I let Juan go in closer to indulge his fascination.  We still don’t know what they were, ocean fleas or whatever.  Other than that, we enjoyed the refreshing ocean air and amused ourselves by imagining what the insides of those mansions looked like.

Looking forward to my next oceanside trip!