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Spring is coming and going, and I’m missing it.  I see color popping up everywhere—tulips, daffodils, cherry blossoms—from the neighbor’s garden to the small patches of shrubbery next to the parking lots.  Splashes of yellow next to the river and pavements covered in soft flower petals.  After months of looking at dirty white and rusty brick red, it’s wonderful to finally see sprouts of green again on lifeless branches. This is one thing I’m going to miss about Boston.  The winters here really make you appreciate Spring.

But so far, the only time I’ve had to enjoy Spring is the hour or so that it takes for me to get to and from work.  My plans to take walks have been thwarted by rainy weekends and general listlessness.  Hopefully, I can get myself out of the house this week before Summer takes us by surprise, which probably is in a week or two.

Who ever thought that making jelly out of heavy whipping cream would be so good?  At least I like it, and it’s perfect if you’re expecting company or need a quick sugar fix during the week.  Use almond extract for a more fragrant and refreshing flavor than vanilla.  The strawberry sauce gives it a tarty kick that prevents the dish from being overly rich.  The two together makes for an incredibly silky dessert that disappears fast, before you even realize that you’ve just ingested a cup of heavy cream.