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I have the worst memory for books.  I inhale them, like a long drawn out breath where for a single glorious moment, my head becomes giddy with characters come to life, shining in a vibrant, imaginary world that abruptly fades away as soon as the last page is turned.  Ask me about any book I read more than a month ago and I would find it hard to tell you what happened.  All that would be left is a memory of how the story made me feel and a vague idea of the basic plot line.  Any references to specific events that transpired would be lost on me.  Apparently, this is how I am with movies as well, much to the dismay of my boyfriend who is a movie fanatic and enjoys quoting obscure lines that I never get. 


I like reading books that are beautifully written so that each sentence seems to flow and wind, gracefully and flawlessly into the next one.  Phrases that catch me off guard and echo in my head, and which I can almost feel the words roll, ever so smoothly, over my tongue.  But while I am picky about writing style, I tend to fly over the pages in my impatience to know what happens.  And this is why I think most of the books I read never stick. 


In an effort to retain what I read, I signed up for a book club that meets monthly in Cambridge.  This week I sat in on a discussion of “Little Bee,” by Chris Cleave.  Funny, I actually liked the book before I walked into the meeting.  I thought it was a “charming” story about an African refugee’s search for peace and a sense of belonging (which sounds incredibly cliche, I know).  However, most of the people at the meeting thought it was superficial, unrealistic, and choppy near the end.  It’s true, I agree.  It’s a book that handles a heavy subject with a touch of lightness that borders on fluff.  But I think that’s how the author intended for it to be; and that’s why I like it.  Above all else, the most attractive quality of the book was the imagery in the parts where the main character recounts her memories of her homeland.   I think that’s what really sold it for me. 


Speaking of beautiful imagery, I love the Adobe Photoshop that my boyfriend bought me for our one year anniversary!  Granted, I don’t really know how to use the program yet, but so far it’s made my pictures look so much better.  Maybe someday I’ll find the confidence to post them on foodgawker. 

Kiwi Blueberry Cream Cheese Tart from The Other Side

(I used strawberry jam instead of apricot)